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Hilary's works come in a variety of formats and many are available as prints, limited edition and otherwise. Products range as follows - for a specific availability, check the map and for specific prices, download the latest price list.


  • 8x10 Unframed and framed (metal and wood)
  • 5.75x7 Miniprints, framed (black metal)
  • Limited edition prints
  • Limited edition Giclee prints


  • Cards
  • Christmas Cards
  • Postcards
  • Magnets
  • Bookmarks
  • Coasters
  • Calendars

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Beaver Pond Creative Productions
Working for a Living

..... isn't all it's cracked up to be, I tell you.  Having just come back from a great week away from the Studio, I find myself back here struggling to focus on the many things I have to do.  The whole point of taking a break was to help me "regain my creative focus" - to relax, chillout, refuel... you know.  Well now I'm just grumpy sitting here as everyone else is playing in the sun!  However, having said that I went out for along bike ride last night looking at our beautiful city and I was inspired by the colours, the people and the playing - so all is not lost ... just as I say, working for a living is not all it's cracked up to be.... even here is spectacular Vancouver!

Don't forget.... Harmony Arts Fair coming up July 31st - August 3rd and August 7th - 9th at Ambleside Park, West Vancouver.  For More info  See you there

In the Studio

I'm working on ..... Calendar Pictures (Still!), a design for a new tattoo (a minor distraction!) Commissions.

I'm listening to ..... Starsailor "All the Plans", Thievery Corporation "The Last Man in Babylon", Paolo Nutini "Sunny    Side Up"   Old Stevie Wonder Tracks (Thanks Pete!)


Hey - it's finally raining in Vancouver again - all is well with the world.  I thought for one moment this Global Warming thing might have some truth to it - Ha Ha!!

I don't often paint grey rainy skies - even though we are known to have them once in a while here!  Somehow, even when it rains here, I see bright colours and clarity - odd, I know.

This past week has gone by quickly, but not much got achieved in the way of actual painting - though loads of framing did get done.  I am trying to finalise the last two "Olympic appropriate" images for the new calendar - since I don't spent a huge amount of time in Whistler or up on Cypress Mountain, though those are my chosen subjects. It's hard to do snowbound paintings when the sun is blazing - maybe now it's raining I stand a better chance.

Paintings I'll be working on this week include the Yaletown Street Scene (outside Mini Yaletown) Queen Elizabeth Park (yes, still!) and the new Huge piece of Coal Harbour, looking over to the North Shore Mountains.  This is the piece I'm really enthused about - and think it'll be the companion piece to A Fall Day over False Creek - same kind of "over the couch" Shape - not to sound too crass!  I'll keep you posted.

Come by and say hello if you're down on Granville Island this week (Fresh local Strawberries are at the Market now and the GI Farmers markets have begun on Thursdays)

What I'm listening to this week

Calexico - Even my sure things Fall Through

MGMT - Oracular Spectacular

Tosca - Suzuki

Manic Street Preachers - Greatest Hits

Tom Waits - Asylum Years


Granville Island at 30

Granville Island at 30

Today, some of the banners featuring my image "Granville Island at 30" went up on the Island. There are also transit posters up and other posters to go up all over the city in the next few weeks.  Needless to say, I'm feeling pretty chuffed.  Here's the image!

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Where to reach us

1381 Railspur Alley
Granville Island
Vancouver BC V6H4G9


beaverpd AT telus DOT net

Beaver Pond

Welcome to Beaver Pond Creative Productions, featuring the line of work by Vancouver artist Hilary Morris. Since she started painting commercially in April 1988, Hilary's works have been purchased and hung all over the world.  In addition to her interpretations of the sites of Vancouver and BC, Hilary has painted numerous commissions: homes, businesses, boats, and many other subjects.

She has been commissioned to produce a commemorative print for the NBA draft, held in Vancouver and also later for the NHL Draft.  She has had many solo and group exhibitions and has her work on permanent display at her Studio / Gallery on Granville Island.  

Hilary's original paintings are produced in opaque watercolour (Gouache) and India Ink and her reproductions capture, in the same detail and vibrancy, the colours of Vancouver and the West Coast.