Welcome to the New and Improved Beaver Pond!

Welcome, guests, to Beaver Pond 2.0.  This is techie talk of course and what do you expect?  I'm the web guy.  Luckily you won't have to put up with me past this brief introductory message - Hilary will be taking over the posting of news and events, announcements of upcoming works and new products, all right here in this space. 

A quick intro to the new layout of the site, and some pointers to the new features:

  • Images are now laid out in the gallery page, for you to preview and see some of your favourites - the availability of items with said painting lies in the caption below.  This is not the complete listing but will give you a good taste of Hilary's work and breadth of what she covers.
  • For a complete listing, please draw your attention to the Map page, wherein you'll find a comprehensive listing of her works with the ability to preview and again, see in which products the work in question is available.
  • Other standard webpage goodies are here: an About Hilary page, a FAQ (to which you may decide to contribute), a map to find us with Google-like precision, a contact form to provide some feedback (or did we mention frequently asked questions?), and...
  • Assorted other bells and whistles - you'll see on every page the link to add us to your social networking agent of choice (digg us, facebook us, share us, what have you), and as well on the bottom right of the main page (yes this one) you'll see a little RSS doohickey which allows those of you in the know to subscribe to the site and get updates as they happen in your reader of choice.
  • Finally, we'd be tickled if you used our E-card feature to send friends and loved ones virtual greeting cards.  The cards are there, but you'll have to do the greeting yourself. 


Hope you enjoy the website and thanks again for visiting Beaver Pond, the home of Hilary Morris' Creative Productions.  Cheers!