Working for a Living

..... isn't all it's cracked up to be, I tell you.  Having just come back from a great week away from the Studio, I find myself back here struggling to focus on the many things I have to do.  The whole point of taking a break was to help me "regain my creative focus" - to relax, chillout, refuel... you know.  Well now I'm just grumpy sitting here as everyone else is playing in the sun!  However, having said that I went out for along bike ride last night looking at our beautiful city and I was inspired by the colours, the people and the playing - so all is not lost ... just as I say, working for a living is not all it's cracked up to be.... even here is spectacular Vancouver!

Don't forget.... Harmony Arts Fair coming up July 31st - August 3rd and August 7th - 9th at Ambleside Park, West Vancouver.  For More info  See you there

In the Studio

I'm working on ..... Calendar Pictures (Still!), a design for a new tattoo (a minor distraction!) Commissions.

I'm listening to ..... Starsailor "All the Plans", Thievery Corporation "The Last Man in Babylon", Paolo Nutini "Sunny    Side Up"   Old Stevie Wonder Tracks (Thanks Pete!)