About Hilary
Hilary SkiingHilary arrived in Vancouver in 1987 after a four year career working for the Swiss Bank in London, having graduated with a Geography degree from Durham University in the North of England. She loved the thought of studying Architecture, but hated the thought of the number of maths courses required to get into Architecture school and therefore applied her love of drawing to cartography instead.

With nothing but time on her hands during her first few months in Canada she took a pen and sketchbook on her explorations of the City and began to detail many of the familiar scenes of Vancouver as a way of learning about her new home. Many of the places she first sketched are now gone as the City continues to be an ever-changing canvas. Hilary has developed a uniquely graphic style using technical pen to complete a full black and white drawing and then Gouache (Opaque Watercolour) paint to add the vibrant colour. Finally, she redraws the detail on top of the colour in India ink

Since she started painting commercially in April 1988, her works have been purchased and hung all over the world. In addition to her interpretations of the sites of Vancouver and BC, Hilary has painted numerous commissions homes, boats, businesses and many other subjects. She has been commissioned to produce a commemorative print for the NBA draft, held in Vancouver and also later for the NHL Draft. She has had many solo and group exhibitions and has her work on permanent display at her Studio/Gallery on Granville Island. Her work will be seen all over the city in 2009 marking the celebration of Granville Island's 30th Anniversary.

Every year she takes part in several shows away from the Studio and aims to work on other challenging projects such as collaborations with other artists and design projects.

Commissioned works have been purchased by companies and individuals alike and Hilary splits her time between such "painting to order" and the production of new Original works, some of which are reproduced as anything from Postcards to Limited Edition Giclee Prints. Her entire product line is available in the studio 1381 Railspur Alley, Granville Island and some are available at other stores throughout the Lower Mainland.

Just in case you hadn't noticed, Hilary's favourite colour is green and she always listens to music as she paints.

Where to reach us

1381 Railspur Alley
Granville Island
Vancouver BC V6H4G9


beaverpd AT telus DOT net