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Fun New Spring Projects!

Hilary Morris Christmas News

As the Covid restrictions drag on, I am trying to use my time wisely - though its not always easy!

Recently, during the reorganization of the framing and storage area in my studio, I came across the motherlode of samples of my Christmas card designs from past years.  Thinking that I had been painting new holiday images for a while, I thought there would be about 30 or so, but as I continued to find more and more - most of which I had completely forgotten about - I realized I had been creating Vancouver holiday images since 1995 and have done over 60 designs!

To celebrate this fact, I have decided to produce a "Vintage Assortment" for the 2021 Holiday Season - featuring cards going way back to the very first Holiday Images I printed.  Each assortment will be 30 different images from the past 25 years in a custom box and I think those of you who like to send a snapshot of our fabulous city in the Holiday Season to friends and family will have fun deciding which one to sent to which person!

As soon as I have the boxes available, I will pop them into the Online store here.

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