Original Paintings and Prints by Hilary Morris
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Get your Jigsaw Puzzles before they sell out again!

CGP Collaborator

Lots of new Jigsaw Puzzles arrived in the studio today - an order I have been waiting for since the beginning of the Covid crisis to be honest!  Once we were all isolated in our homes, it seemed that if we weren't baking loaves of delicious Sourdough or learning to speak Swahili, we were all doing Jigsaws, and pretty soon, the few I had left over from my last order were gone.  It wasn't even possible for me to place another order until late summer and this batch will the the only ones I am able to get in time for the Christmas Season, owing to the huge demand, worldwide, for Jigsaws.  So - not to do the hard-sell - but I suggest that if you like the look of my new puzzles, get 'em while you can, as quantities are limited, as ususal!

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